Studying to become a professional parent

I recently started a parenting course. It’s from the Lefkoe Institute, and it’s called Parenting the Lefkoe Way. I’m really excited about it!

I was listening to the creator of the program, Shelly Lefkoe, speak on The Great Parenting Show about how the well-meaning things we commonly say to our children result in our kids having negative beliefs about themselves. I was blown away! Something as simple as saying, “not now, I’m busy on the phone,” can result in my children forming the belief that they aren’t important! The way Lefkoe explained it, it made sense.

It struck me that as much as I am a good parent, I really don’t know what I’m doing. I’m still rubbing two sticks together trying to make fire, so to speak. I’m reading parenting books and research findings, talking to more experienced parents, reading my bible and praying for Godly wisdom and understanding. All of that is moving me towards my goal of showing my children God’s love in parenting them.

Yet, I’m still a nonprofessional parent. In order to give it my best shot, I need to be a professional parent. What I mean by that is this:

When I decided to become a professional journalist, I went to college. I studied for four plus years, and spent tens of thousands of dollars. All so I would have skills already developed when I got my first job. Likewise, when I switched to public relations I got specialized training. Even though I’m still in debt from college loans, and an not currently working in my field, that time and money spent was totally worth it. I am a professional.

I asked myself, how much time and money have I spent over the last three years to become skilled at my current, and most important, job? To become a professional parent? I realized I’ve probably spent a semester’s worth of time reading, and about $50.

Honestly, that doesn’t make sense to me. Clearly, my children are more important to me than a career, and the stakes are much higher. We are talking about the health and happiness of two other people, and the countless lives they each will touch as they live.

Therefore, with prayer, and the blessing of my husband, I decided to work towards becoming a professional parent. This parenting system is the first class, if you will, because it is a heavy investment of both time and money.  

I believe the Lord is guiding me down this path so I can better carryout his instructions to love my children with his love. Having the skills to stay calm under pressure, and understand what my child are going through, can only help.

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