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I Made it Through Last Night

Last night, I managed to make it through my son being awake until midnight. I also managed to make it through my daughter waking up at 1:30am, and not going back to sleep until about 3am. Of course, my usually … Continue reading

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My Son is Still Up!

This morning, my son got up at 4:50 am. He had an 1.5 hour nap midday, which he normally doesn’t have. Now, it is10:55 pm, and he is still up. I am proud of myself that I have kept a … Continue reading

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Toys, Toys and More Toys

Today, I made progress in organizing the over abundance of children’s toys in my home. I thought I would need to buy toy organizing furniture. But, it looks like clear tubs of various sizes on bookshelves will work just as … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for My Children’s Schooling

I just finish reading a book called School Starts at Home: Simple Ways to Make Learning Fun. I was amazed to learn how much a child’s lifelong educational success depends on parental involvement, and a stable home environment. Did you … Continue reading

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Keeping it Cool…Almost

I took the kids out to two places today. I managed to stay calm, kind and compassionate until the last 15 minutes of our outing. I got a bit stressed trying to take care of potty needs, and limit both … Continue reading

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Parenting Teamwork

This afternoon, hubby and I discussed how to better communicate with our almost four year old son in the evening. By that time of day we’re often tired, and just want him to do what we say. Meanwhile, he’s tired, … Continue reading

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Thinking About What I’m thinking About

Recently, I had a lesson in thinking about what I was thinking about. I was amazed at the difference it made in my situation. I went to the gym Saturday morning. I’m in the process of making this a habit. … Continue reading

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