Giving Thanks for Today

This morning, as I left a physical therapy appointment  for my back and neck, (my family was in a car accident in December), I was overwhelmed with a sense of thankfulness to God. Don’t get me wrong, I thank God everyday for many things. Yet, I usually also have some kind of request as well. So, this was different because it was only thankfulness.

It struck me that, a year from now — or even tomorrow — I could be looking back on this day as the good old days. A time of peace and prosperity.This day that is sure to be imperfect, sure to have frustrations and disappointments, sure to be tiring. Yet, if it’s like yesterday, or so many days that God has blessed me to see, it will count as a “good old day.”

Yet, if I spend my day, as I admit I often do, consumed with worries about what I don’t have, and what I’m not getting done, I’ll miss out. I’ll miss the blessing of this day.

By focusing on what I don’t have, I risk having to look back and wishing  that I had enjoyed, even savored, this day. Savored hearing my son asked for the 100th time to play video games again, or my daughter’s 100-year-flood of a temper tantrum. How many mothers right now are in agony because they will never hear their child’s voice again?

Even my seemingly endless list of chores is a blessing because I can get up to do them. Even though it’s been slow going, and sometimes painful, after the accident I can still do them. How many mothers right now are wishing they had the ability to just get up to sweep the floor, or enjoy a silly dance with their child?

The truth is that tomorrow I could be joining those mothers in no longer having what I have, or doing what I am able to do. The bible is so clear about this. Tomorrow isn’t promised. That’s why today I want to tell God thank you without any added requests.

Well, I do want to add one request. I want to lift up in prayer right now every mother who is walking through days that feel like perpetual midnight. I pray for every mother who is waking up wishing that yesterday was just a nightmare, not her reality.

May all of us, who are just dealing with everyday stuff, be more grateful, and savor our everyday blessings.

-Productive Mommy


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One Response to Giving Thanks for Today

  1. Kelly Nooonan says:

    Yeap. Hard to see the everyday blessings that are in front of us because of living blinded by the worries and toughs that are only in our heads we miss the real life in front of us.

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