The Heartbreak of Conservative Christian Political Activism

I was reading an editorial about the Alabama special election Dec 12. The author Mark Galli was arguing that the real loser, no matter the election outcome, was Christianity’s image. He went on to say that conservative Christians, and liberal Christians for that matter, have lost the moral high ground in the eyes of the secular America, by backing politicians such as Roy Moore and Donald Trump.  (He pointed out that liberal Christians have had their own issues with morally bankrupt politicians.) Then he explained in his view why conservative Christians (evangelicals) feel the need to make deals with the devil in politics.

Galli talked about the changing tide of cultural norms, the increasing pluralism in society, and the attack on Christian religious freedom as the reason. He said these factors have caused conservative Christians to feel desperate, and vote for morally bankrupt candidates in an effort to get laws changed, or made, that favor Christianity. Their earnest view is that this will save all of America from slipping too far into sin.

Essentially, conservative Christians see that the world is becoming a more evil place — which it is. Yet, instead of looking to God for help, and trusting that God has a plan, they have decided that God needs their help. Apparently, The “if it has to be, it’s up to me,” idea from secular culture now permeates the evangelical Christian world.

As a practicing Christian, I found that answer to be heartbreaking. Throughout the bible, both old testament and new, God calls his people to stop trying to depend on themselves. He tells them time and again to look to, and depend on, him. He flat out tells the Israelites that he will fight their battles for them. The ultimate “I got this!”

In the new testament, we Christians are admonished even more to trust God, because we are saved by faith anyway. We didn’t, and can’t, do anything to make ourselves good enough for God. Why then would we tell ourselves that it’s our job to fix the nation, or a state, or even one individual? It isn’t! Our job as Christians is to reflect God’s love so fully in our lives, that people want what we have — Christ.

Sadly, my evangelical Christian brothers and sisters have decided that that job from the bible just isn’t cutting it in modern America. What God really needs Christians to get busy doing is electing people to codify Christianity. Use the secular powers that be to force the unsaved to act Christian.

Again, as someone recognizes that being a Christian means recognizing that I am a fallen sinner who can’t save herself, and needs Christ, this is heartbreaking. The entire old testament shouts that the law can’t save anyone! No one can follow every law all the time. That’s why Jesus had to make the ultimate sacrifice for us all!

If Evangelical Christian really believe that electing morally bankrupt people to secular political positions (where even more morally bankrupt behavior takes place) is the only way to save America, then Christ’s sacrifice was for nothing. Our Christian faith is meaningless. And, the one true God, the creator of the universe, has no power…at least in America. And that means that America really is doomed. That is heartbreaking.

Let’s remember this in our parenting walk. We aren’t in our children’s lives to save them, or make them into who we think they are to be, through our family “laws.” We are in their lives to point them to Jesus. The one who has the power to save them, and make them into who he has planned for them to be. We point them to Jesus through the example of unconditionally loving them, and offering them the grace, mercy, and forgiveness that Jesus freely offers us. You know, follow Christ’s example. I have to think that if following Christ’s example were the conservative Christian plan, Christianity as a whole would not have been the biggest loser in the Alabama election.

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