I have two young children, a wonderful husband, a degree in broadcast journalism, and a curiosity about how people relate to one another.

I put my career in public relations on hold to care for my then 10-month-old son full time. I was excited to bring my same drive, commitment to excellence, and learning to my new career. Yet, it seemed like no matter how hard I worked, or how much I learned, at the end of most days I didn’t feel productive. I started to actually feel worthless!

After talking to other moms, reading about motherhood and parenting, and getting help, I realized the problem. It wasn’t that I couldn’t be productive. It was that what I viewed as productivity was incorrect.

The general societal view of productivity as being: I build this many widgets in this many hours, can’t be applied to parenting. Parents are “building” another human being. There is no blueprint, no manufacturing process, no “if/then” formula to tell you if you are being productive. So the societal model shows full-time parents as primarily unproductive.

This blog is an outgrowth of my commitment to rethink productivity in terms that accurately reflect the work I’m doing. So, I can see the productivity in spending a day comforting a child who is melting down every 10 minutes, instead of washing laundry. That way, I can feel just as much self worth now working in the most important career in the world, as I did in my old career.

-Almitra B.
The Productive Mommy


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