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The Heartbreak of Conservative Christian Political Activism

I was reading an editorial about the Alabama special election Dec 12. The author Mark Galli was arguing that the real loser, no matter the election outcome, was Christianity’s image. He went on to say that conservative Christians, and liberal … Continue reading

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What I’m Thankful for This Advent Season

  What are you thankful for this advent season? -Productive Mommy

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Spiritual attack, and pressing into the Lord

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Summer Recap: Productive Daughter brushes my teeth

Aug. 17, 2017 That’s my future dentist!

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Summer Recap: Playing with Bubbles

This video is from Aug. 15th. There was some really ugly stuff happening nationally. Watching my kids play with bubbles was cleansing. -Productive mommy

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The ring in the sandwich bag

Is there a reason one of my wedding rings is in a sandwich bag? Yes, there is! I lost it, and my cell phone, Monday morning!  First, I lost the ring, but didn’t realize it until I had been a … Continue reading

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Victory from Defeat

You ever have one of those days where you wake up feeling defeated? Of course you don’t, you’re way too spiritually mature for that. Well…I’m not. So I have those days from time to time. And, yesterday was one of … Continue reading

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