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The Heartbreak of Conservative Christian Political Activism

I was reading an editorial about the Alabama special election Dec 12. The author Mark Galli was arguing that the real loser, no matter the election outcome, was Christianity’s image. He went on to say that conservative Christians, and liberal … Continue reading

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My Parenting Mission in a Post-Trump America

Like many Americans I couldn’t believe the outcome of the election. I felt sick to my stomach, and shocked. I felt like hate had won a victory, and I was terrified for my children — for their future! Rob was … Continue reading

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My Wedge Issue This Election

I’ve cast my vote! Yay! I’ve done my civic duty! Before heading to the polls today, it struck me that there are a lot of reasons to vote for, or against, either candidate. Many people vote solely on wedge issues: … Continue reading

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Watch “An Aha moment helping Will get to sleep.” on YouTube

I’m finding that my perfectionism is getting in the way of blogging, so I’ve decided to try communicating by vlogging instead. Let me know what you think!

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Happy Mother’s Day! You’re Amazing!

Happy Mother’s Day to all my mom friends and family! I just want to say you’re all totally amazing! I’ve only been a mom for five years, but I’ve met so many moms who simply amaze me. Some are mom … Continue reading

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God Knows What He’s Doing

Yesterday was an amazingly healing day! I had been wondering why God didn’t restore my dad’s mental health and bring him back to us before he took him. I had been feeling pretty down a lot the last few days. … Continue reading

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We Have It All

Today marks six years since I said “I do” to the man God had waiting for me. That beautiful day was perfectly imperfect, and that’s how our life together has been. We have difficulties, ups and downs, things go right, … Continue reading

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