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Slow down, rest…or else!

So, my last post was about the car accident my family had in December, and the bad news, and good news that resulted. Today,  I have a follow up to that, and it’s about my realization that I am not … Continue reading

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Bad News and Good News

Back on Christmas Eve, 2016, Rob, the kids, and I were in a car accident. We had just left Christmas Eve service, and were singing Christmas carols while waiting at a stop light, when we were rear ended. The police … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Need to Shut My Brain Off

I once heard a female comedian joke that men know how to shut their brains off whenever they get ready, but women don’t. She had everyone laughing about the simple act of sleeping. Men can say, alright brain, time to … Continue reading

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I Let Myself Get Too Hungry

This morning, I let myself get too hungry, and before I knew it, my patience was running paper thin. I’m happy to report, that I was able to recognize that it was my hunger driving my feelings that my kids … Continue reading

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Toothbrush and shower anyone?

Got up earlier than the kids this morning, and was able to brush my teeth, and take a shower. It was like a mini spa vacation! It’s already been a productive day!

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I Made it Through Last Night

Last night, I managed to make it through my son being awake until midnight. I also managed to make it through my daughter waking up at 1:30am, and not going back to sleep until about 3am. Of course, my usually … Continue reading

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