My Parenting Mission in a Post-Trump America

Like many Americans I couldn’t believe the outcome of the election. I felt sick to my stomach, and shocked. I felt like hate had won a victory, and I was terrified for my children — for their future! Rob was upset as well, and quite frankly disgusted.

We had a long talk late into the night just trying to calm down enough to get some sleep. During that talk, something amazing happened. The conversation started with tears, anger, and fears. But, as we talked, Rob reminded me that we’re Christians! Our hope isn’t in who’s elected! We took our stand with our vote, and we know that Trump’s acceptance of hate groups in his campaign was wrong. Yet, now is the time to stand on our faith, and trust that God is working everything out for our good. The election results is not a sign that God isn’t in control.

Then, the Lord brought to my mind this scripture: “For I know the plans and thoughts that I have for you,’ says the Lord, ‘plans for peace and well-being and not for disaster to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11 (AMP)

That helped me to start releasing the fear for my children. Yes, these are fearful times. But, the bible tells us to fear not. Jesus has already overcome this wicked world. Will and Jenni’s lives are in his hands. Not the hands of Trump, or the KKK, or whoever would want to harm them.

That said, the next day was still tough. I stayed away from social media and the news as much as possible. As I went about my day, I realized that I have to take another stand. A stand to not let fear take root in my home. If it does, it will infect my children, and those who wish to intimidate them will win.

I want my kids to grow into adults who will look anyone who would try to marginalize them in the eye and say: bring it! I want them to know with every fiber of their beings that there is no such thing as an inferior person. Not a minority, a woman, not someone with a disability, you name it! We are all equal!

I want my children to know that they know that showing love to their neighbor is the answer to the message of hate. We know love works because our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ won the battle for the whole world with a sacrifice of love.

So, that’s my parenting mission in a post-Trump America.

It’s been a difficult, yet productive week!

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My Wedge Issue This Election

I’ve cast my vote! Yay! I’ve done my civic duty!


Before heading to the polls today, it struck me that there are a lot of reasons to vote for, or against, either candidate. Many people vote solely on wedge issues: abortion, gay marriage, climate change, etc. I started thinking about what my one issue is that I’m voting about? I realized that my one issue is protecting my children.

I can’t vote for a person who accepts the support of individuals and groups who hate my children simply because they are “non-white.” I can’t vote for a candidate who embraces the praise of those who believe that my children being half black means they are inherently inferior, and inherently what’s wrong with America.

I can’t vote for a person who got the endorsement of the Klu Klux Klan newspaper. A group whose long history of torturing, and publicly killing, Americans who happen to be black is well documented!

If those types of people are for a candidate, then I know that that person’s presidency represents a clear and present danger to my children. My two amazing and beautiful gifts from God. Two people whose lives represent just how much color doesn’t matter! And, the beauty, hope, and joy that is created when we get past the lie that race divides us. So, that’s my wedge issue this election. I am casting my vote to protect my children.

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Getting God’s Help With the Kids in Real Time

I had a breakthrough recently in getting out of that place where I’m stuck seeing my kids as annoying. You know, that place where it’s virtually impossibly to treat them with kindness, compassion and patience? The Lord really helped me out, but I had to ask! I’d love to hear from you in the comments below how you’ve handled getting stuck!

May God bless you with being productive in all the ways that matter the most!

-Productive Mommy

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It’s Been a Busy and Productive Week!

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An Aha Moment from my Kiddo!

Today is Move More Monday in our house, which means I make sure I get in at least 5,000 steps. Usually by going to the gym. Well, I didn’t go to the gym, and by the time it was bedtime I had only gotten in 2100 steps. So, I spoke out loud that I was changing my goal to 3,000 steps. Will was having non of that! He said, “No mommy, your goal is 5,000 steps. I said, I know, but (and the excuses followed). Will said, “I think you forgot, your goal is 5,000 steps. Not, 3,000 steps.

I realized that just because I feel like my goal is unattainable doesn’t mean I get to change it. A goal is a goal. So, I said, Will, you are right, my goal is 5,000 steps, and I’m getting in 5,000 steps. That is exactly what I did!

Praise the Lord for the truth spoken through our children! 🙂

Have you had an aha moment through one of your kiddos?

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The Importance of Community

In this, my 40th year of life, the Lord has put on my heart the importance of being a part of a community. This week, I saw just a few of the reasons why. How has community played a role in your parenting?

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Let It All Go, Says the Lord!

Tonight, I was text messaging back a dear friend of mine whom I haven’t seen in a while. She had asked me how I was doing. I started writing back about the start of the school year, dealing with bouts of someone being sick the last few months, and dealing with my lack of sleep. These are all real issues going on in my life. Yet, as I was writing, I felt the Holy Spirit saying, that’s not what’s really going on. Tell her what’s really going on.

So, (with a groan) I erased what I had written, and I started again. This time, I said that the Lord has been working on me about letting go of…well…everything. Letting go of my worry, my fear, my pride, my vanity. You name it, I’m supposed to be letting it go.

Yet, I haven’t been obedient. In fact, I’ve been kicking and screaming trying not to let things go. As I shared with my friend: What would I have to hide behind if I didn’t have all that baggage around?

I share this with you, my fellow Productive Mommies, because I’d like to know if there is anything the Lord is telling you to let go of? And, if you’ve already let go of something, how did you do it? Please comment below!

God Bless!
-Productive Mommy


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