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Summer Recap: Playing with Bubbles

This video is from Aug. 15th. There was some really ugly stuff happening nationally. Watching my kids play with bubbles was cleansing. -Productive mommy Advertisements

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My Parenting Mission in a Post-Trump America

Like many Americans I couldn’t believe the outcome of the election. I felt sick to my stomach, and shocked. I felt like hate had won a victory, and I was terrified for my children — for their future! Rob was … Continue reading

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Let It All Go, Says the Lord!

Tonight, I was text messaging back a dear friend of mine whom I haven’t seen in a while. She had asked me how I was doing. I started writing back about the start of the school year, dealing with bouts … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Today, my grandmother is 90-years-old! I’m so happy for her, and praise God that she is not just still here, but also healthy, with a clear mind! She is my last remaining grandparent, and the only one who lived to … Continue reading

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Happy Fifth Anniversary to My Husband, My Friend

Yesterday, my husband Rob and I celebrated five years of marriage! I have to say that these have been five great years that went by in the blink of an eye. Rob made me a slide show set to music … Continue reading

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Who Cut the Apron Strings: Part 3

I thought part two would be the last installment in Who Cut the Apron Strings. However, I observed something the other day, that got me thinking about how a parent’s feelings about a child’s growing independence can make the experience … Continue reading

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