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Happy Birthday to My Wise Little Man!

My son Will is officially 4-years-old, today! I am amazed and blessed to have a front-row seat as he developes. He started out as this completely helpless infant who couldn’t communicate, and was wholly self centered. Now, he’s involved in … Continue reading

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Parenting Teamwork

This afternoon, hubby and I discussed how to better communicate with our almost four year old son in the evening. By that time of day we’re often tired, and just want him to do what we say. Meanwhile, he’s tired, … Continue reading

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My Kids are Growing Up So Fast!

I am amazed at how quickly my children appear to be growing up! Just today, I noticed that my 8-month-old daughter crawls really fast. Just a few days ago, she was barely getting around. Now, it’s a race to see … Continue reading

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A Hard Earned Productive Day

Today, I had a great morning, a really difficult afternoon, and a hopeful evening. This morning, both kids needed to go to the doctor. I actually managed to get to the appointment that was just one hour after wake up … Continue reading

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Light at The End of The Potty Training Tunnel

Well, I am finally at a point where I can actually see a near future where my 3-year-old son is no longer wearing diapers! Bill is now officially wearing underwear! Yay! Of course, we are working on keeping them dry, … Continue reading

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You Don’t Love Me

Well, my son said, you don’t love me, for the first time. He wanted my help getting to sleep, instead of his father’s help, the other night. Even though I know he didn’t mean it —most days he refers to … Continue reading

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It was a great time, and I learned something!

My son’s birthday party was a success! Bill had loads of fun, and so did our friends and family. It was wonderful to see my little guy being fully aware of his party for the first time. About 15 minutes … Continue reading

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