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Helping Children Develop Empathy

From reading yesterday’s post, “Learning a Lesson,” a friend asked me what I had done to help instill empathy in Will. I didn’t have a direct answer. Quite frankly, I’m amazed at how much empathy Will has developed in his … Continue reading

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Learning A Lesson

Yesterday, Will, Jenny, and I were playing Ring Around the Rosy. Of course, they like for me to walk fast so they start to lose their balance just as we say all fall down. Jenny especially enjoys it. I stopped … Continue reading

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I Added My Voice to The Fight!

Today is the last day that the Federal Communications Commission has open for members of the public to share opinions on a plan to allow telecommunications companies to charge us users for the websites we visit. I’ve heard a lot … Continue reading

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It was a productive Labor Day weekend

In the run up to Labor Day weekend, the holiday was looking pretty good for being a fun, and productive one. My husband took Thursday and Friday off from work, so we planned on taking the kids to do something … Continue reading

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